Aida Water Garden

1for3 began working in Aida Refugee Camp (Bethlehem, West Bank) to help tackle the water crisis that the 6000+ residents deal with on a daily basis. The Aida Water Garden project (AWG) will be built on the only available open space in the camp, which is ~25,000 sq. ft. This tiny piece of land currently has a small dirt soccer field (less than 1/3 regular size) and is the only running field for over 3000 children. After several trips and in partnership with Tufts and Harvard University professors and graduate students, 1for3 joined forces with Lajee Center (Local NGO) to establish a comprehensive plan to address the water issues as well as add to the overall quality of life in the camp.

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Yasmine's Clinic

Yasmine Benhamida-Malak was an intelligent, kind and compassionate person. She joined the board at 1for3 and brought great ideas, enthusiasm and insight. After losing her sister last year, Yasmine decided she wanted to become even more involved in our project in Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem. She told us she wanted to turn her grief into something positive; something to help others. We were humbled by her strength and empathy. Today, we honor Yasmine, who passed away suddenly on February 22, 2014, by dedicating the soon-to-be-built medical clinic in Aida Camp in her memory. Your donation will go directly to the Yasmine Benhamida-Malak Women and Children's Clinic, via May her memory and spirit live on in all of us.

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